Tennis Classes for Adults

We offer classes for all levels, from  beginner to advanced, as well as drills and match play.

How to sign up for classes:
To register for a class, please click the "Register" button in the class description to sign up online, or you can print a registration form. (Questions about how to register online? See our Online Registration FAQ.)

How to sign up for private lessons:
Private and buddy tennis lessons also available. Price for one private lesson for Full Center Members is $80 per hour (10-pack is $730). For more information, see our tennis rate sheet.

How to contact us:
For more information, contact the Tennis Department at tennis@svjcc.org or 408.357.7414.

Upcoming Tennis Events

Wine & Cheese Social
Friday, April 17th
5:00 - 7:45pm
FREE for members and non-members

This event is full! Please email gisellev@svjcc.org to be added to the waitlist.

Join us  for a Wine & Cheese Social to kick off the Spring Tennis season. This is a chance to meet new partners and get some tips from our Tennis Pro, Anthony Carpio. This event is FREE and open to members and nonmembers.


Tennis Class Policies

Missed classes:  Students can make up missed classes within a session but cannot carry them over to the next session. No prorating unless approved by the Tennis Department. We will make every effort to make up sessions missed due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

Classes/times/fees published in the JCC Program Guide are subject to change.

If a minimum number of students is not met, classes may be cancelled and students will be offered classes on alternate days/times.

During the session, if there is ever a day when there is only one student, then he or she will be offered a private lesson lasting half the usual length of the class (for example, if the class is usually one hour, the private lesson would be half an hour). If there are only two students, the class will be shortened to a semi-private lesson of the appropriate length, at the instructor's discretion.

For complete information on JCC tennis policies, see  the JCC Tennis Department Policies and Procedures.



Upcoming Classes

CM = Full Center Member          SM = Social Member          NM = Non-member

For a printable schedule showing all tennis classes on a single page, click here(PDF format)


Private Lessons
For information and fees see our Tennis Rate Sheet.


Adult Beginner Tennis (16 years & up)
For students with little or no previous tennis instruction. Learn the forehand, backhand, serve, and basic vocabulary. 8:1 ratio.

Mon 4/6-5/4 9:00-10:00am $100 $125
Mon 5/11-6/8 9:00-10:00am $100 $125
Wed 4/8-5/6 9:00-10:00am $100 $125
Wed 5/13-6/10 9:00-10:00am $100 $125
Sun 4/12-5/10 10:00-11:00am $100 $125
Sun 5/17-6/14 10:00-11:00am $100 $125
Sun 6/21-7/19 10:00-11:00am $100 $125
Sun 7/26-8/23 10:00-11:00am $100 $125



Adult Advanced Beginner Tennis (16 years & up)
Movement will be added to groundstroke rallying and improving serving techniques. 8:1 ratio.
summer sessions are 5 weeks.

Sun 3/1-3/29 9:30-10:30am $100 $125
Mon 4/6-5/4 10:00-11:00am $100 $125
Mon 5/11-6/8 10:00-11:00am $100 $125
Wed 4/8-5/6 10:00-11:00am $100 $125
Wed 5/13-6/10 10:00-11:00am $100 $125


Adult Intermediate to Advanced Tennis (16 years & up)
Movement will be added to groundstroke rallying and improving serving techniques. 8:1 ratio.

Mon 2/23-3/23 11:00am-12:00pm $100 $125
Wed 2/25-3/25 11:00am-12:00pm $100 $125
Sun 3/1-3/29 10:30-11:30am $100 $125




Adult Advanced Tennis (16 years & up)
Movement will be added to groundstroke rallying and improving serving techniques. 8:1 ratio.

Sun 4/12-5/10 11:00am-12:00pm $100 $125
Sun 5/17-6/14 11:00am-12:00pm $100 $125
Sun 6/21-7/19 11:00am-12:00pm $100 $125




Adult Drill Class (16 years & up)
Prerequisite: Intermediate course or instructor approval. Workouts cover groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, and serving drills. 8:1 ratio.

Sun 4/12-5/10 9:00-10:00am $100 $125
Sun 5/17-6/14 9:00-10:00am $100 $125
Sun 6/21-7/19 9:00-10:00am $100 $125
Sun 7/26-8/23 9:00-10:00am $100 $125





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