Small Group Training

TRX and Small Group Training Classes Are Here!

clientuploads/recreation and wellness/small group training/OutdoorFitnesStructure.jpgThe JCC is proud to offer Small Group Training. Small Group Training combines the personal attention that you receive from a personal trainer, with the affordability of a group class. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 8 participants.

Small Group Training and TRX* classes can be held outside in nice weather, in the JCC's outdoor fitness structure, or indoors in the small group training area in Fitness Room B.

Offerings include a variety of small group classes, boot camps, kickboxing group classes, TRX TEAM Blocks training, and much more.

Various classes are scheduled throughout the week, and you can reserve a spot ahead of time (maximum of 8 participants per class), or drop in at your convenience.  For details, see the TRX and Small Group Training schedule.

Sign up at the Fitness Desk or call 408.357.7419.

For more information, contact Erin McMahon, Assistant Director of Sports and Wellness Services, at erinm@apjcc.org or 408.357.7480.

* What is TRX? TRX, or Total Body Resistance Exercise, uses your own body weight to provide resistance and help you build strength, lose weight and increase flexibility. The concept is simple: there are two straps which are used to suspend the user while performing simple but effective body weight exercises. All TRX workout routines engage the body’s entire core and provide a full-body workout.

Class Descriptions

 CM = Full Center Member       SM = Social Member     NM = Non-Member


Kettlebell-TRX Fusion

Build strength, power, enhance balance & coordination in this high intesnsity 60 minuteclass that combines kettlebell, TRX, and body weight exercises for a full body workout.

Rowing Class

Learn proper rowing technique in a low impact, calorie burning 30 minute workout. Rowing provides superb cardiovascular conditioning,is great for joint health AND benefits your whole body.

Spinning-TRX Fusion

 Start the hour with 30 minutes of Spinning, and finsh with a 30 minuteTRX workout focused on upper body and core work. Hit all your muscles in one workout AND get your cardio in the same session.

TRX-Boot Camp Fusion

 Take your fitness to the next level with a total body workout using the TRX in conjunctionwith bosu balls, medicine balls, kettle bells and more! Get excited for interval training and toning with the ability to work at your own pace.

clientuploads/recreation and wellness/small group training/TRX-Premier_13_ST.jpgTRX - Fit

Develop a strong, defined midsection with this TRX workout, designed to challenge members who want to improve their core strength and stability.

TRX Fundamentals

Learn how to use the TRX suspension trainer to get a full body workout in less than an hour! This class is perfect for first-time participants, and anyone who wants a refresher.

TRX Fusion

This TRX class is a blend of the Strong, Fit and Lean class formats, mixed in with plenty of cardio intervals to give you a full body workout.

TRX - Lean

A high intensity interval TRX workout designed to get you sweating, burning calories and having fun.

TRX - Strong

 A TRX strength based workout designed to challenge those who want to get stronger and build muscle through slow, controlled movements.


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