Personal Training

Looking for a training regimen that will help you reach your fitness goals?

We offer solo (1 person), buddy (2 person), small group (3-5 people), and large group (6-8 people) personal training.

See our personal trainer bios and fee schedule.

To get started or for more info: fitnesscenter@apjcc.org or 408.357.7419.

Complimentary Fitness Consultation

Every Full Center Member ages 13 and up is eligible for a complimentary fitness consultation when you join the JCC.  Meet with one of our Certified Fitness Professionals to discuss goal setting, helpful tips on exercise selection, and proper/effective use of fitness center equipment. To schedule your consultation, see your JCC membership representative or contact the Fitness Desk at 408.357.7419.

Also available to Full Center Members ages 10-12 who have completed the Youth Fitness Program.

Classes and Programs

The GLUTE Workshop

*Featuring our new HIP THRUSTER equipment*

Get amazing glutes! A training workshop focusing on specificity training for ANY fitness level!

These incredible sets of muscles, the largest in the human body,when activated properly with precise training,can be very powerful in all aspects of movement.

Whether you are looking to boost sports performance, progress your strength training program, fix your functional movement, or even just look better in your jeans...this workshop will help take you there!

Each workshop runs for 8 total sessions. 

Cost: $360 Full Center Member, $440 Non-Member

More info or to register contact : sharonr@apjcc.org 


NEW!  Balance Seminar

The #1 cause in all ages of non-fatal injury is unintentional falling. Even in athletes, poor balance is a frequent cause of joint injury. You can quickly improve your balance with this training program. Appropriate for any fitness level.  

Train with Lori Barker, Wednesdays and Fridays, 12:15-12:45pm.

Cost Per 8 Session Package: $216 Full Center Members, $ 296 Social Members and Non-Members

More info: lorib@apjcc.org 

Youth Fitness Program

Children ages 10-15 years old can learn to use the Fitness Center in a safe and effective manner through this 5 session program. (For children 10-12, this program is REQUIRED in order to be admitted to the Fitness Center. After completing the program, children can work out with parental supervision. Children ages 13-15 can also benefit from this program, but it's not required.)

During the first four sessions, your child will learn about different components of exercise including flexibility, cardiovascular, strength training, balance and core training, and safe use of the equipment. During the 5th, individually scheduled session, they will be taken through a practical examination with the instructor.

Dates and times are based on participant request and instructor availability. Rates are $200 for Full Center Members, $250 for Social Members or non-members. Rates are per child, for groups of two or more. Private instruction is $235 per child for Full Center Members. More info: billm@apjcc.org or call the Fitness Desk at 408.357.7419.





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