APJCC Dance Academy

The APJCC Dance Academy offers classes for children in a variety of dance styles: tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, combo, and more. Classes are taught by highly qualified dance instructors in a fun and positive environment. We also have summer camp, offered through the JCC's Camp Shalom.

Free trial class: If your child is new to the APJCC Dance Academy, you can try your first class for free.

Questions? Contact Jenn Flores, Dance Academy Director, at dance@apjcc.org or 408.357.7534.

2016-17 Schedule

We offer ballet, combo, breakdancing, hip hop, jazz, tap, and more. Classes are taught by highly qualified dance instructors in a fun and positive environment.

Classes are ongoing, so you can start anytime. The Winter Recital will be held on December 18. Date for Spring Recital is TBA.

Monthy tuition is $70 for JCC Full Center Members and Social Members, $75 for non-members. Non-members also pay an annual registration fee of $35 (annual registration fee is per child, not per class).


12:15-1:00pm 2-3 years Creative Movement 
1:30-2:15pm 3-4 years Tap/Ballet
1:30-2:15pm 4-5 years Hip Hop*
2:15-3:00pm  4-5 years  Tap/Ballet 
2:15-3:00pm  3-4 years  Mini Hip Hop*
3:00-3:45pm  5+ years  Ballet 
3:30-4:30pm  5+ years  Musical Theater 
4:30-5:15pm  6-9 years  Ballet II 



11:30-12:00pm 18 mo+ Parent & Me Dance*
12:15-1:00pm 2-3 years  Pre-Ballet
1:30-2:15pm 3-4 years Tots Tumble Dance 
1:30-2:15pm 4-5 years Tap/Jazz*
2:15-3:00pm  4-5 years  Ballet 
2:15-3:00pm  3-4 years  Mini Hip Hop*
3:30-4:15pm  6-9 years  Ballet/Lyrical Dance 



1:30-2:15pm 3-5 years Musical Theater*
2:15-3:00pm  4-5 years  Breakdancing*
3:00-3:45pm  5+ years  Tumble/Cheer Dance
3:45-4:30pm  5-8 years  Tap/Ballet Combo*
4:30-5:15pm  5-8 years  Jazz*



12:15-1:00pm 2-3 years Creative Movement
1:30-2:15pm  4-5 years  Tumble Dance 
2:15-3:00pm  4-5 years  Hip Hop 
3:30-4:30pm  5-8 years  Jazz/Hip Hop 



12:15-1:00pm  2-3 years Tap/Ballet Combo
1:30-2:15pm  3-4 years  Tap/Ballet Combo
2:15-3:00 pm 4-5 years Tap/Ballet Combo*
3:00-4:00pm 5+ years Breakdancing*

*Classes in red are not currently running. Please contact dance@apjcc.org if you are interested in these classes.

Our Instructors
We are proud of our talented, highly trained staff! Click their names to read their biographies.

Jenn Flores, Director     Kasey Baldini    Alissa Shaw   

Meet Jenn Flores, APJCC Dance Academy Director

Jenn Flores, the APJCC's Dance Academy Director, started dancing as a toddler. When she grew up she was able to fulfill her dream of becoming a dance instructor. She chose to focus on teaching young children because she loves their excitement and enthusiasm!

Jenn has a bachelor's degree in Child Development from San Jose State, in addition to her dance training.

 Watch a video interview with Jenn on the JCC's Facebook page


More Information about APJCC Dance Academy
Contact Jenn Flores at 408.357.7534 or dance@apjcc.org.

Parent Testimonial

To whom it may concern, 

Hi! I am writing as a parent of two children ages 3 3/4 and 5 who have regularly attended different dance classes over the last three years with Miss Jenn and Miss Kasey. I wanted to express how awesome both of these women are. 

Both of my kiddos can be hard to motivate to change and do the dances and exercises. They both started at 2, when let's be honest most kids have a hard time following along and paying attention for longer periods of time. Both Miss Jenn and Miss Kasey have been extremely patient and extremely kind to my kiddos... Both women are super great with the kids and super talented with great energies...

I am also impressed with the dance recital they put on every year! Miss Jenn and Miss Kasey deal with a lot of classes and a lot of different ages every day preparing for the recital and do so with such grace, patience, and kindness. They come up with so many different dances for so many classes, (even break dancing!) and pick out the cutest outfits and music for each number! It's amazing to see it all come together!! I don't know how Miss Jenn does it! Hats off to her and Miss Kasey and the other teachers who help make it happen! I am always impressed on the day of the recital that they keep all of those kiddos organized and ready for the show, again all while being kind and patient and energetic. You can really see that Miss Jenn and Miss Kasey love what they do. 

They also run the dance summer camp together and do so well with lots of different littles, making every day fun! 

So, I just wanted to write and say I am very thankful for and impressed with what these ladies do for all of our children every day and for the splendid job they do every year at the recital. I hope they get the proper credit! Love them! 

We will continue to come to the dance academy and look forward to dancing with Miss Jenn and Miss Kasey many times more! 

- Kymmie M.










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