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Fitness Center Renovations: Fall 2017

This fall we're upgrading our fitness and aquatics facilities and purchasing new fitness equipment to enhance your JCC experience.

Latest update (Dec 6): The remodeled Fitness A and Fitness B rooms are open! And the gymnasium has re-opened for basketball.


Fitness A and Fitness B Closure: Sunday, November 19 through Tuesday, December 5

Please note: When we talk about Fitness A and Fitness B, we are talking about the fitness rooms on the first floor of the JCC. (Studio A and Studio B on the second floor of the JCC will not be affected.)

To see a calendar of opening and closing dates for the various fitness rooms, click here.

  • From Sunday, November 19 through Tuesday, December 5, Fitness A and Fitness B will be closed for renovations. We will provide alternate workout locations while Fitness A and Fitness B are closed.
  • We’ll be retiring some of the old equipment. We’ll be repainting both rooms, and installing new flooring in Fitness B. We'll also be retiring some of the old fitness equipment, and purchasing 40 new pieces of equipment, including:
    • 6 Recumbent Bikes
    • 5 Upright Bikes
    • 6 Adapted Motion Trainers
    • 2 Climbmills
    • 13 Ellipticals
    • 7 Treadmills
    • 1 new Squat Rack (so now we’ll have 2 squat racks!)
  • The weights area will move from Fitness A to Fitness B.
  • All the equipment that’s currently in Fitness B will move into Fitness A (except for the TRX A-frame and the free motion cable cross machine, which will stay in Fitness B.
  • We’ll also be installing a new Welcome desk in Fitness A.
  • The new flooring in Fitness B will be mostly rubber flooring, but we will also be installing an area of artificial turf.


Alternate Workout Locations Include:

  • The gymnasium: From Tuesday, November 21 - Saturday, December 3, much of the equipment from Fitness A and Fitness B will be available for your use in the gymnasium. You will be able to use cardio machines, stationary weight machines, small free weights, and functional fitness equipment.
  • More than 90 group fitness classes are available each week in Studio A and Studio B on the second floor of the JCC. For details, see the group fitness schedule. Classes listed on the group fitness schedule are complimentary for Full Center Members unless otherwise noted.
  • The JCC's heated outdoor pool is available for swimming laps.

Basketball Court Closure: Thursday, November 16 through Tuesday, December 5 

  • The basketball courts will close at 8:00am on Thursday November 16, and will remain closed through December 5. This is because we will be laying down carpet in the gymnasium, where the basketball courts are located, so that we can move the fitness machines in there during the renovation of Fitness A & B.

We appreciate your patience during these upgrades. Todah Rabah (thank you).

Have questions about these updates? You can consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Now Available For You:

  • Pilates Studio - We've completed the renovation of the Pilates Studio (Studio C on the second floor). Schedule a complimentary demo session and check it out! Email pilates@apjcc.org.



More Upgrades Coming Soon:

  • Installation of a permanent shade structure and snack shack at the pool. The pool will remain open during these upgrades. Dates TBA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my workouts be interrupted?

A: Fitness A and B will be closed from November 19-December 5. They are scheduled to re-open on December 6.

But we are providing you with some alternative places to exercise.

  • We will move many of the fitness machines into the gymnasium from November 21-December 3. Specifically, we'll be moving many of the cardio machines, stationary weight machines, small free weights, and functional fitness equipment
  • You might also consider varying your workout with a visit to the outdoor fitness structure (we will have it open and staffed during certain times when the JCC tends to be busy, exact times TBA).
  • The pool is available for swimming laps.
  • Or try one of the more than 90 group fitness classes we offer each week. Schedule is at www.apjcc.org/group 


Q: Will I still be able to meet with my personal trainer?
Yes! You can still work with your trainer in the gymnasium and in the outdoor fitness area. Your trainer will reach out to you directly to talk about this.


Q: Will it be noisy in the gymnasium with all those cardio machines in there?

A: We are putting in carpet to muffle the sound.


Q: Will I be able to play basketball?

A: Unfortunately, no. We are laying down carpet in the gymnasium to protect the floor since the space will be used as a temporary fitness center while Fitness A & B are closed; consequently, it won’t be possible to play basketball during that time (November 16 at 8:00am through December 5).

  • The gymnasium will close at 8:00am on Thursday November 16, and will remain closed through November 20.
  • November 21-December 3 the gymnasium will be open for members to use fitness equipment only, not for basketball.
  • December 4-5 the gymnasium will be completely closed.
  • December 6 the gymnasium will reopen for basketball at 5:00am.


Q: What kind of new flooring are you installing in Fitness B?

A: The new flooring in Fitness B will be mostly rubber flooring, but we will also be installing an area of artificial turf. These flooring areas will be great for functional fitness activities and weight lifting/strength building activities. The artificial turf is especially good for sled pushes or drags, tire flips, and other functional fitness activities. (Functional fitness means exercises that replicate movements you do in real life; often using items such as exercise balls, ropes, kettle bells, etc.)


Q: Can I get some free guest passes?

A: Every day that you check in at the Service Desk during the renovation, we will offer you a free guest pass.


Q: Can I purchase some of the old fitness equipment?

A: No because we're trading in the old equipment to get a discount on the new equipment!


 Q: Who should I contact for more information/questions/concerns?

A: Please contact Erin Guèdenet, the JCC’s General Manager, at ering@apjcc.org or 408.357.7480.


Todah Rabah (thank you) for your patience during construction—we promise, you'll find the wait was worth it!


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