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clientuploads/logos/AlignedFitnessLogo.pngDo you want to exercise, but suffer from lower back pain, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, foot symptoms, hip issues, or just overall bad posture?

Aligned Fitness provides postural alignment therapy and corrective exercise programs. It is open to both members and non-members of the JCC, with no additional fees for non-members.  Just show a photo ID at the Service Desk in the JCC's main lobby, and you'll be directed to the Aligned Fitness office in Fitness Room B on the first floor of the JCC.

Each postural alignment and corrective exercise session includes:

•    Postural photos (with gravity lines inserted using E-Pete software) to indicate which of your load bearing joints may be out of alignment

•    Full gait analysis                   
•    Functional testing protocols

•    A customized print out of corrective based exercises created in a specific sequence to get your body back to its optimal alignment

•    A digital copy of prescribed exercises with pictures, detailed descriptions, and videos of each exercise emailed to you.

Lisa Decker, M.S., CPT, CES, PES, PAS, SPN

Contact lisabethdecker@gmail.com or 408.691.2829.

For more detailed information and for pricing, visit the Aligned Fitness website at www.alignedfit.com.

Lisa Decker holds a masters degree in Human Movement and is a certified  postural alignment  specialist through Egoscue University. She is also a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, performance enhancement specialist and sports performance nutritionist. Aligned Fitness is an independent contractor.

Aligned Fitness is proud to be ranked in the Top 5 in the Los Gatos Physical Therapy rankings for 2015 by Opencare!

Voted Best Health Club in Metro Newspaper's Silicon Valley Reader Poll. You don't have to be Jewish to join the Jewish Community Center.
Located at 14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032. Tel: 408.357.7429. Fax: 408.358.7311.

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