Schedule of Classes & Presentations

 January 2017 Jewbilee Schedule of classes (Jewbilee 2018 schedule coming soon)

There is a 10-minute passing period between each learning session. 

Free childcare is available (By RSVP only). Click here for details.

12:30pm Doors Open/Cafe Open
1:00pm Welcome! 
1:30-2:30pm First Learning Session
2:40-3:40pm Second Learning Session
3:50-4:50pm Third Learning Session
5:00 6:00pm Fourth Learning Session
6:00pm Cafe Closes
6:30pm Keynote Speaker

Presenters/Participating Organizations

Here is a list of the 2017 Presenters (2018 presenters list coming soon)

(Please note this is a partial list and is subject to change)

Session 1 (1:30 – 2:30)

Ian Maksin – Cello Concert (Auditorium)

Rabbi Dana Magat – Responding to the Hatred of our Times. (Adult Lounge)

Rabbi Joey Felsen– Taking Personal Prayer to a Higher Level. (Activity Room A)

Lewis Aptekar – Book Discussion of Moonglow by Michael Chabon. (Activity Room B)

Rabbi Leslie Alexander – Sexuality in Rabbinic Texts. (Activity Room C)

Phil Spiegel – How 2,000,000 Jews Regained Their Identity. (Yavneh 200)

Rabbi Me’irah Iliinsky – Mapping the Journey of the Mourner (Yavneh 210)

Victoria Tenenbaum – Sleep Challenges for Parents of Young Children (Yavneh 206)

Donna Frankel – Israeli Folk Dancing (Studio B)

Session 2 (2:40 – 3:40)

Gordon Gladstone – Israel Right Now. (Adult Lounge)

Rabbi Philip Ohriner – Our Inner Impulses: Exploring the Purpose of Power of the Yetzer Hara  in early Rabbinic Literature. (Activity Room A)

Betsy Cohen – An Exploration of Desire in The Song of Songs. (Activity Room B)

Shaya Bernstein – The Kabbalah of Jewish Foods. (Activity Room C)

Interfaith Panel - Learning to Listen: The Role of Interfaith Relations in Healing Our Nation. (Yavneh MPR)

Shir Kochavi – Looted Art during World War II and Post-War Restitution Efforts. (Yavneh 202)

Rabbi Ilana Baird – Learning with Rabbi Ilana (Yavneh 206)

Session 3 (3:50 – 4:50)

Documentary Presentation – Strangers No More,  Accepting Immigrants Children. (Adult Lounge)

Hot Kugel - Klezmer Music Performance.  (Auditorium)

Luba Perlov – About Challah – And Why go Kosher? (Yavneh MPR)

Moshe Goodman – The Text of the Heart and the Heart of the Text. ( Yavneh 200)

Rabbi Katie Mizrahi – Truth and Lies in Scripture, Liturgy and the Media -- a Jewish Take on our Post-Truth Era. (Yavneh 202)

Jacqueline Regev – Not your Grandmother’s ADL: Civil Rights Work in 2017. (Yavneh 206)

Stella Filler – Jewish Mime and Song. (Dance Studio)

BimBam – Open Studio with BimBam. (Club J)

Session 4 (5:00 – 6:00)

Dror Sinai - Jewish Music from Around the World (Adult Lounge)

Doug Brook – Rear Pew Mirror (Activity Room B)

Donna Frankel – Jewish Communities of India (Activity Room C)

Rabbi Melanie Aron – A Lesson from History – Is Today’s American Politics Unprecedented? (Yavneh MPR)

Rabbi Hugh Seid-Valencia – Igniting a Values Conversation? (Yavneh 200)

Rabbi Josh Berkenwald - Vashti vs. Esther: Who is the Greater Feminist? (202)

Keynote (6:30 - 8:00pm)

Rabbi Darren Kleinberg, Kehillah Jewish High School - Hybrid Judaism

Keynote Presentation




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