For the Kids

Camp Jewbilee!

Now there are two ways for your children to get the most out of Jewbilee. Drop them off at Camp Jewbilee or participate with them! There are also option for children under 3 and teens.

Option 1: Camp Jewbilee Drop-Off

cooking class

  • Camp Jewbilee is for children ages 4 and up. If you have a younger child, please see below.
  • Camp Jewbilee is included in your child's Jewbilee ticket price. There is no extra charge for dropping your child off.
  • Drop your child off at Club J (on the school side of the JCC). All children must be signed in and out by a parent or guardian.
  • Camp sessions line up with Jewbilee class sessions, so the best time to drop your child off is during the 15 minute passing periods between sessions. You can see the Jewbilee schedule here.
  • The children at Camp Jewbilee will participate in the Jewbilee sessions that are happening in Club J. There are additional sessions for children happening in other areas of the building, but these are for kids and a grown-up. See the list of activities below (list in progress).
  • Children can stay for any or all of the sessions. Please indicate how long your child will be staying at drop-off.

Option 2: Camp Jewbilee for Kids and their Parents

Music with Karen

  • Parents may participate with their children at any of our Camp Jewbilee sessions. 
  • There will be sessions for children happening in Club J (on the school side of the JCC) as well as in other areas of the building. See the list of activities below (list in progress).

For Children Ages 3 and Under

  • If you wish to drop your child off, you may do so at the JCC childcare (located in the Fitness Hallway). The fee for drop-off childcare is included in your Jewbilee ticket price; there is no extra charge.
  • You may also participate in any of the family Jewbilee sessions. See the list of activities below (list in progress).

Activities for Kids and their Families:

Unscroll the Tabernacle: build your own edible Tabernacle!
1:30pm in Club J
In Reboot’s new book Unscrolled, a modern interpretation of the Torah, Architect Marc Kushner reimagines the tabernacle and drops it into the middle of New York on its side, making it vertical so it would be visible in the skyline. Reimagine the tabernacle yourself -- with graham crackers, frosting and candies. Build together as a family and consider how it relates to your own community and surroundings. www.Unscrolled.org

Tu'Bshvat: A Lesson on Caring for Seeds with Shalom Explorers!
2:40pm in Club J
Your family is invited to join Shalom Explorers for a lesson on the Jewish value of shomrei adamah, taking care of the earth. Come learn about the Jewish earth day Tu'Bshvat and make seeds balls out of clay and soil to beautify your neighborhood.

Sushi Rolling Fun!
3:50pm in Club J -- Parent participation only; no drop-off
Learn to roll sushi from a master sushi chef from L'Chaim Sushi. Fun for families with children of all ages. Space is limited!

Family Funtime Yoga (for all ages)
5:00pm in Club J
Family Funtime Yoga includes postures for the whole family, including age and level appropriate variations to accommodate all students in the class, whether with babies, toddlers, or older kids. Class will include simple routines, games, stories, imagination, and partner poses for a special way to bond with your child (or children) and move your body.  It is by example we teach the most richly to our children.  Come and share the gift of health, joy and vibrancy with your family.  Yoga poses inspire creativity as well as provide practice with calmness and relaxation.  Yoga philosophy encourages teamwork and teaches respect and compassion.Taught by Linda Adleson, RYT, CYKF.

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