Preschool Endowment Fund

We at the APJCC want to express our grateful appreciation to  the Wolff Family

Kari Wolff, Keith Wolff, Kevin Wolff, and Jean and Lew Wolff

for their commitment to our Preschool and for the establishment of the Cele Stillman and Adele Smith Preschool Scholarship Fund,  a true endowment fund.

Families will be awarded scholarships annually based on their financial need and circumstances.

Additions by anyone in our community to this established fund will grow the capacity of the fund to serve current and prospective preschool families in need.

Endowment Opportunities

Endowment gifts ensure the future of our JCC is secure and that the richness of our programming and services will be available to generations to come. Your endowment gift will connect you with the APJCC's mission and purpose.

Endowment gifts may be made for unrestricted use or may be designated for a specific use.

If you wish to donate to this fund, establish an endowment in your own right, or make an unrestricted endowment gift, please contact Nate Stein, CEO  at 408.357.7490 or nate@apjcc.org.


"As others have planted before me, so I shall plant for others."
- Midrash, Leviticus Rabbah

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